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SERF Production Facilities

We have three plant site locations totaling 51,500 sqft of engineering and manufacturing space and more than 10 acres of laydown area for our various work projects.  We have adequate overhead lift cranes, boom trucks and forklifts for prefabrication and skid erection projects at our three plant sites.

On the Road Site Services

We have two 53 ft van trailers for long haul large plant project site repair and construction and two 24 ft box trailers for smaller project services.  These units offer all of the site work tools, supplies, auxiliary services, field office, welding support services necessary to support and maintain our onsite skilled personnel. 100 E Roberts Rd ------- SerfWorks     Represents our combined corporate structure for all services provided for our client base. Our client base includes the following industries: Plastics, Paper, Petro-chemical, Power, Production machinery and Process equipment. SerfEngineers   Our engineering services are comprised of industrial equipment design for manufacturing and repair of Process and Conveying equipment principled in ASME, AWS, TEMA, CEMA and API standards and represents our   SerfSystems for industry. These services include Forensic engineering for product improvement and litigation involving mechanical design and manufacturing standards. SerfExchangers   Our Heat Exchanger group has designed and manufactured custom units, and repaired units for customers for more than 20 years. We have provided our services for Alloy systems including Titanium and Nickel unites with various TEMA configurations and sizes. Our shells are manufactured in our ASME code shop and assembled in our repair/assembly facility and tested for leaks using state of the art methods. SerfServices   We have an on-site service staff of support manpower operating under Time and Materials contracts for today’s industries. These services include professional services for engineering and design and crafts persons of welders, fitters and the mechanics trades. Hwy 29 -------- SerfShop Pressure Vessel Shop ASME U, S and “R” stamps     We have more than 35 years of experience in engineering and design of pressure vessels, reactors heat exchangers and pipe. Our fabrication facilities total more than 50,000 sqft for services for our clients. These services include professionals, crafts persons, welders, fitters and the mechanics trades. SerfEquip   For more than 40 years Serf has performed research and development in the areas of Process and Conveying equipment including: ASME code pressure vessels, reactors and heat exchangers Evaporation systems and Thermal Processing equipment Transporting of bulk products by pneumatic conveying Conveying bulk products by belt, screw, drag and roller decks Heavy Lifting machinery for Manufacturing and Installation 9 Mile Rd -------- SerfAlloy   During the mid-seventies Serf was one of the first manufacturers to develop              manual welding processes for rare earth alloys including Titanium, Monel and Nickel alloys. Today, Serf is a leader in the manufacture of Titanium, Duplex stainless and Nickel metal piping, ducting, tube systems, heating systems and equipment for corrosive service applications.  In addition SERF maintains a fleet of service trailer systems up to 53’ in length with the necessary shutdown support hardware and equipment for field repair services and plant site construction. SerfFabrication  This plant represents our rapid service center for the welding fabrication of process piping, fluid flow distribution components, heating coil components, and other systems for the processing industries.  This plant also provides product manufacturing for pneumatic conveying piping, and custom material handling systems for bulk products in weighing, flow control and packaging.
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